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Zara  Sheikh



Zara Sheikh Actress and Model

Zara Sheikh is a Pakistani Model and actress .Zara Sheikh born May 7, 1978 in Lahore.Zara began her career as a model while she was still a relatively young student.Zara Sheikh is a successful model who was well known in the world of fashion well before she made her debut in feature films. She made her debut on billboards across Pakistan as the "JaZZ Girl" for Pakistan's leading cellular service provider - Mobilink GSM. The add campaign became an instant hit, and she began appearing on JaZZ commercials on Television and in newspapers and magazines. She received many offers from Film Directors, however chose to make her debut in Hassan Askari's Tere Pyaar Mein .When Tere Piyar Main, was released. And by the time the movie hit cinema halls, she was already a star. Her stunning looks and polished style were refreshing and Zara had sufficient acting skills to please the audiences. Zara's talent and hard work has resulted in her becoming one of Pakistan's top actresses in a short period of time. Zara considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Pakistani cinema .She is Is single and lives in Lahore with her parents


Zara Sheikh

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