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Roshan Ara Begum

Roshan Ara Begum was a very famous clasical singer of Pakistan and India .She was born in 1917 in Calcutta. She is the daughter of Ustad Abdul Haqq Khan .In 1948 she migrated to Pakistan and settled in Lalamusa, a small town of Punjab .
She was very populor singer .She embodied in her art all the exquisite tonal qualities and attributes of her mentor's delicate style of classical vocalization. She proved equally good at alap while delineating raags and also in taking breezy taans in the strand of her Ustad.She got the title of Mallika-e-Mauseeqi.On December 6, 1982, Pakistani classical music in particular and that of the subcontinent in general, was impoverished by the death of vocalist Roshan Ara Begum.


Roshan Ara Begum
(  1917-1982


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